Going off the Rails

Where Canseco is concerned, Sheffield wasn’t surprised that Canseco’s book is loaded with accusations.

"Not at all," Sheffield said. "Desperate people do desperate things. Money will make you do crazy things."


"I said I didn’t know I took steroids, the bottom line was I thought it was rubbing cream on my legs. I am not like Jason Giambi sitting here crying and say it’s unfair, that the attacks are unfair. I have been attacked my whole career. I have been accused of a lot of things."

Yep, crazy things, Sheff.  Crazy as in blindly rubbing magical healing cream on your legs and wondering why you have super-strength!  Like not asking your very shady "nutritionist" what’s in that suff you call in oh-so-illicit-drug nicknamey-style the "clear", or the "cream" even though now you can fly!

Please.  Spare us the naive victim’s plea.

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  • OK – over on a couple other posts of yours, YF laments that SFs are only commenting about A-Fraud
    //not that comments about A-Rod were unwelcome, just that it would be nice if we could have a similar response to more, shall we say, serious matters.//
    Well, here’s one that’s sat idle for a few days, & not even a YF has spoken up. Here’s my theory – YFs realize that in regards to the steroids scandals, SFs have them beat. Is there anyone on the Sox squad involving suspicion of steroid use? I’m not saying we’re angels – I don’t know what goes on inside the club – but in the public eye, isn’t it the Yankroids that are more central to the steroid issue? Giambi, Sheff…no doubt I’m forgetting someone. Yes?
    And as for the other threads garnishing more attention, YF made the original posts, so what’s the beef?

    AJ February 21, 2005, 11:29 am

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