Gone But Not Forgotten

So we’re out. George can relax; his Yankees are on the way back to Tampa, and anyone who thinks Damon really hurt himself during this thing is, IMHO, kidding themselves.

It does, in any case, seem somewhat appropriate to have the USA out, given that the event is really about extending the reach of baseball into other lands. Cuba, Japan, DR, and Korea are worthy semifinalists, and we look forward to more of the incredible energy and drama (if not always stellar play) they’ve provided thus far. Incidentally, for an idea of just how much this means beyond our borders, check out Futility Infielder Jay Jaffe’s excellent account of his time watching games at PR’s Hiram Bithorn stadium on Baseball Prospectus.

Okay. Let the games continue. We’re go gonna grab a Bud OB and a bowl of peanuts bi bim bap and root for our Korean allies. There’s just no way you can root against a team that can field five guys named Lee at the same time.

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