Gone Fishin’

Umi Sushi, in the Fens, offers up the standard, gimmicky, dragon roll-y fare of a fish joint in a too-popular neighborhood. With one exception: the Red Sox maki.  It’s hard to figure how they came up with the recipe, which consists of, in their hyper-descriptive words, "sweet potato wrapped with baked eel & avocado, shrimp tempura inside with crabstick, eel, roe, avocado & scallion outside".  Is it red?  Does it look like a sock?  Is it a green monster? (there’s avocado, so perhaps) Is it shaped like a tarpaulin? (they always reminded us of rolls wrapped in Nori, to be honest)  I shudder to think of the other possible menu additions, like a "Bleacher Creature", or, worse, an homage to the rivals, a "Bronx Bomb".  I do know that anything called a "Gary Sheffield" would have to involve crab, and that a "Graffanino" sounds like it should be served not at a Sushi joint, but in the North End. 

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  • Talk about your slow mornings.
    Hopefully Mr. Holla himself has the good hook on this day. With the Sox facing what seems to be the best starting pitching in the league tonight and tomorrow, it’s important that Wells has the hook working to perfection. I’m not too sure how many shots ChiSox pitching is going to give away.

    Brad-SF August 12, 2005, 12:19 pm
  • That might be one of the most disgusting menu items ever. Whatever happened to the Fenway Frank?

    Jesse August 12, 2005, 6:46 pm

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