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Gotta Think Of Something.. Yanks-DBacks Gamerish

I know I don't like Arizona.  It was hardwired into my brain in 2001 when LGon got that dopey single off Mo and I couldn't shut my eyes from the 67 replays that cemented the impossible reality of what had happened.  The 2010 Arizona roster has nothing to do with anything about 2001 in any way whatsoever.  I guess I am petty.  I guess I will hate them for making Burnett look like crap last night.  Why not.

Oh wait, Dan Haren makes me want to kick puppies, not for any good reason.  There we go.  Game on, comment away.

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Abomb. 2-0.
Negative Ath…Pettitte is too awesome. Plus, I always have negative reinforcement in my back pocket so…
1-2-3 first for Andy.

Pettitte is back to normal…normal being awesome. And why??? Negative reinforcement is powerful! Like the Champs!
back-to-back 1-2-3 innings.

We still can’t hit…I cannot ever remember this many weak-ass pop flys in my life???? This one run lead does not inspire confidence with out bullpen pitching poorly and next to no offense…

Pettitte gets through 7…fucking awesome job brother. Can you please talk to AJ or something???
Hey offense, how about scoring some runs, huh???

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