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Granderson Gets It Going: Yanks-Rays Gamer

Curtis hit a dinger off David Price plating Jeter in the first.  Freddy is pitching for the Yanks heading into the bottom of the second.

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Mariano with 2 Ks and a groundout in 9 pitches. I love that man. Really good game for the Yanks – they’ve had back-to-back excellent starts by Colon and Garcia, raising hopes that their strong 1st half of the season may not be all they have in them.
Granderson HBP in left ankle last night, hit in upper back tonight with 96-mph fastball, ran into the wall making a great catch, and fouled a ball off his right ankle tonight. Dude needs an icetub.

Not Yankee related but…
Went out to Citi Field 2 nights ago to watch the Cards and Mets play. What an amazing stadium. Just an absolute great place to watch a game. Hung out on the Pepsi Porch, watched the game and had a few adult beverages. Hard for me to admit, but I like it far better than Yankee Stadium. I’d say it’s a close 2nd to Nationals park, but still a very, very nice stadium.
As for the Yankees…
Big game tonight. Big, big game.

Wow, the Pirates really got the better of the Xavier Nady deal: Jeff Karstens, Daniel McCutchen, and Jose Tabata are all big parts of their team (all above league-average, though Tabata just barely). Granted they’re all in the awful NL Central, but still.

Phil Hughes is a fucking joke. Our offense is a bigger joke. We are pathetic.
Enjoy a laugher the rest of the year SF’s. Run away with the East and another WS Championship…we certainly will not stand in your way.
I hate this fucking team.

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