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Grown Men Jumping Up and Down, Redux


Five years ago, and the memory only gets sweeter.

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Classy indeed. Sweeter, huh? Is that with or without Papi and the PED Sox?
I knew not to hold my breath waiting for a congrats from Paul. You’ve exceeded my expectations.

Heh, who was it that said all Yankee fans have is their history? How quickly things change.

Wait, check that, next Paul will be telling us that Papi is *really* back.
Ah, good old, sweet memories. They can be anything you want them to be! And distance only makes them truer.

Well, AG, they have a point. After all, I did intentionally move the fifth anniversary of the most transformative moment in the modern history of the Boston Red Sox to two days after the Yankees won the ALCS.
If only I were classier, I would have waited until a more appropriate two or three month window following a Yankee pennant had closed before posting anything about the Red Sox.

Come on boys, don’t let Paul get under your skin…that picture is from 5 years ago!!! Hopefully we will see some posts with a few newer pics in a week or so!!!

I just want a photo from 10 years ago. I mean, when was the last time a team won three out of four Series? Has it happened since?
It was historic!

Thanks for allowing us a little levity, krueg and ag. I do believe that most Yankee fans are like you – appreciative of the bigger picture and not whiney children of entitlement.

Jed Hoyer leaves to GM the Padres, Brad Mills leaves to manage the Astros. Boston’s loss is their gain. Good for Theo and Tito, and good for the competition for knowing talent when they see it.

I just want a photo from 10 years ago. I mean, when was the last time a team won three out of four Series? Has it happened since?
It was historic!
Posted by: Rob | Tuesday, October 27, 2009 at 03:26 PM
So, why don’t you start your own blog and go ahead and post it?

Funny, my wife and I didn’t celebrate our fifth anniversary on the fifth anniversary of our wedding (since some friends of ours had just gotten married like two days earlier) and instead waited until some random day two months later.

I guess the answer to your question, Rob, is that winning 3 in a row was not a ‘transformative’ moment in Yankee history.
You could say it mostly shows the massive canyon in the levels of success and relevance between the two ballclubs.

Nah, Andrew, a dynasty isn’t historic. You’re so silly sometimes.
Instead, let us all celebrate the Boston Red Sox today!

And it’s not like 10 years is traditionally the first ‘anniversary’ to be celebrated, at least by a baseball team. Honestly, who celebrates 5-year anniversaries of championships? I see no other blog even mentioning it. I don’t think even SOSH has mentioned it.
I think it’s pretty clear what Paul’s agenda was. And that would be fine, as it could be considered a lighthearted jab, to which a YF poster would ideally respond with ‘Grown Men Jumping Up and Down, Redux Part Deux’. But to pretend this post is anything other than a response, lighthearted or otherwise, to the Yankees’ success so far this year is pretty low, even for Paul.

And if I’ve missed something, and this post really is just a lighthearted jab, then you can consider me the blog idiot of the day.

>>> Is that with or without Papi and the PED Sox?
You really want to go there, YFs? Really?
I mean, which admitted steroid user hit a crucial home run for New York in Game 7 of the ALCS?
And don’t get us SFs started on Rahjah. Or Andy. Or ARod.
Happy now?

I’m not happy about the tenor of the comments made by several people on this thread regardless of their “fandom”. However, my original sentiment stands. As much as 2004 *crushed* me, I found it satisfactory today to reflect on what was truly an amazing moment in the game of baseball in my lifetime. Yes, the defeat in the ALCS *was totally crushing* and came at what I can only describe as a trying personal time. However, in the Series, it made me incredibly happy to see and talk to friends all over the country who happened to be Red Sox fans in joyous delirium. I’m grateful Paul reminded me of that day. If this post isn’t your particular flavor of vodka, kindly fuck off, because I am enjoying it.

Another thing: if one thinks that there was misdirection or antagonism intended by the parent post, that person has a serious misunderstanding of the purpose of this site and its relationship to: A) the “rivalry”, B) the game of baseball & its history, and C) the invaluable effort, caring, and time invested by the authors.
Any questions or comments regarding this matter can be directed to the general email address or to me directly.

And if I’ve missed something, and this post really is just a lighthearted jab, then you can consider me the blog idiot of the day.
Not only have you missed something, Andrew, the post isn’t even intended as a jab. It’s been five years, which has traditional significance after the first anniversary for any event worth remembering. It was the lede story in the Globe’s sports section and was in fact discussed in multiple Boston media outlets. Contrary to popular belief, we do not discuss only what SOSH discusses, nor do we abstain from discussing something just because SOSH is not discussing it.
You will notice we posted nothing about the fifth anniversary of ALCS Game 7, even though the Globe also ran a story about that. If I wanted to tweak Yankee fans in the midst of a successful postseason run, why wouldn’t I have posted about that? It’s far more relevant to you.
It’s disheartening that this inocuous post was twisted by most of the YFs here into basically being all about them. Guess what guys: The world doesn’t revolve around you or the Yankees. Sometimes a post about the Sox is just a post about the Sox.

Thank you for this post. I had, in fact, let the date slip my mind, and this brought back a whole rush of memories for me. My son just turned five, and the first Sox game while he was alive was the 19-8 drubbing; I have never felt so disinterested in an embarrassing loss to the Yankees in my whole life. So five years it has been since the Sox parlayed that series comeback into a momentous occasion for Sox fans, and it’s been a great five years at that. So thanks for this.
I selfishly will link back to a post I put up the day after the Sox won, and I think it fleshes out why Paul’s post is so pertinent. It was an historic day.

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