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Grown Men Jumping Up and Down

Grown Men Jumping Up and Down 

The Yankees win the pennant! 

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Congrats guys – the Yanks have been, for a long while, the best team pretty clearly.
No best wishes going forward though!

Took too long to get past the halos and their miscues.But we’re there at last.I thought Saunders would have a better outing,but I knew Andy would dominate as soon as I saw him step on the field. Let’s get 27 Yanks!!

Great game, great series.
I love that photo too. They come running in and don’t look at each other. They look at the center of the field. Then they start jumping silly!

BTW: How great was Cano last night? MLB network is showing the extended highlights (with Hazel Mae!). The great fielding and on-base three times with two runs scored.

WORLD SERIES BABY!!!! That game was crazy last night, had to stay away from the gamer to not jinx it like I did the Fins yesterday…it worked.
The Phils are no joke. This is going to be tough for sure…

Great game. We FINALLY get past Soscia’s Angels. I appreciate your comments above Andrew, but I don’t share the sentiment about Soscia. This is the first post-season I can recall when it seemed to me that his team executed poorly – and even then only in the ALCS.
Andy Pettitte came up huge – again. Cano had a sparkling game. Joba got the job done. A-Rod is still a monster. Mariano is still an assassin on the mound. And the big hits of the night are ground balls in the hole by Swisher (finally!), Melky, a sac (OK, not a hit) by Teix, and a line-drive by Johnny. Great team win. We’ll just look past the night that Jorge had at the plate.
I was at this one and the Stadium atmostphere was – not surprisingly – great. I took a cell-phone photo of the post-game celebration for the sole purpose of sharing with YFSF but I was in such nosebleed seats that it simply is not worth it. I’ve shelled out a few for playoff games this year – moreso than in any previous year – and have been treated to nothing but home team wins. Got one more to go to Wed night and hope it will be more of the same.
This WS should be epic. These are two excellent teams with overpowering aces, solid defenses, and scary line-ups anchored by sluggers who are hitting as well as anyone possibly could in October. With Lee facing off against CC we really need the good AJ to show up for his starts.
Can’t wait!!!

Feels good to be back…the stadium was electric. The fans were great and Mo and Andy were even better! I’m exhausted so that’s all I have right now.

Can I buy an AL Champions tee shirt? (I don’t care what people think about them in general, wondering about the jinx factor)

You can buy all of that stuff if that’s your bag Krueg. If you don’t normally do that stuff than you have to stay away from buying it now–that’s just basic superstitious science!

It’s crazy how things are going this year: Angels finally beat the Sox, Yankees finally beat the Angels.
Should be a great WS too. Pedro vs the Yankees? Oh man.

I guess I should broaden that to include all previous playoff assumptions that have been debunked: Sabathia and ARod are both performing very well too.

I’ll add my congratulations to the lot and say:
krueg…I bought an AL Champs T the night they won the pennant in ’07 (so happy about the comeback)…never thought about it being a possible jinx, I guess. But I completely respect your decision to not screw with karma. Also, I still wear that shirt…more often than the World Series one.
The really unexpected feeling is how happy I actually am for A-Rod. It’s nice to see someone who was, I guess, the most pressured player in baseball really perform “when it counted”. I can’t say I’ve enjoyed watching it or that I like him any better, but I’m glad an all-time player didn’t get the last word written on him for three blown DSes. And I’m sure a certain amount of pressure is gone now, and that must feel good to him. So good for him. He earned it. The Yankees earned it.

Yeah, I’ll get one when all is said and done Dev but I feel like if I order it now, it will be the only one I get…
Bought an Eastern Conference Champs tee when my Sabres made a run in 1999. That did not turn out well…NO GOAL! Not going to tempt fate I think…

“Should be a great WS too. Pedro vs the Yankees? Oh man.”
That should be very interesting. I wonder if Pedro is going to say the “Yankees are my daddy” if he loses to them.

I feel the same way, Devine, about A-Rod. And it’s really nice you have the stomach to say so. Here’s a guy who couldn’t have sunk lower this Spring and he’s come out the other side thriving. No matter the athlete I think it’s impossible not to respect that.

Next Sunday in Philly: Giants vs Eagles at 1:00, then Yankees vs Phillies at 8:20. That’s a long day of New Yorkers vs Philadelphians.

Just adding my congrats, YFs. Your team is scary good this year.
I’ll also echo Devine’s thoughts on A-Rod. As much as I dislike the guy, he’s obviously an amazing athlete and it was only a matter of time until he put together a performance like this in the playoffs. Wouldn’t surprise me at all if he wins World Series MVP and wouldn’t that be a story?

A little late thanks to my own busy personal life, but congrats from this SF to most of you YFs as well.

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