Guilty Until Proven Innocent

It’s pretty sad that it’s come to this. But the gaping loopholes in the MLB drug testing policy, now laid bare by the Grimsley indictment, practically force us into this entirely undersirable position. As Will Leitch noted the other day in an excellent piece on Deadspin, we’d prefer not to even think about this stuff, and most of the time we sweep it right under the carpet. We watch baseball for entertainment. For a little joy. For a little distraction. We shouldn’t have to worry about who’s cheating. We rely on baseball and the media to police the game. (And as Jeff Pearlman noted in a recent piece on Slate, the media is back to doing its usual terrible job.) Sadly, the players can in large part look to their own union leaders for an explanation as to exactly why we’re now being forced to practically assume the worst and not the best about so many players. The silent majority who are clean, hard working, decent men deserve a lot better.

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