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Jacoby Ellsbury singled, stole second, and scored on a single from Kevin Youkilis to give the Sox a 1-0 lead in the bottom of the first.  It's Jered Weaver and Clay Buccholz, and the hits are coming early and often.  Comment away.

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The walk to Tek has certainly helped in quickening Weaver’s eventual exit – up to 90 pitches now. Jacoby at 2-2.

Ellsbury swings at ball four and taps to short. Crawford to third, Ells at first. Double steal ju-jitsu lookout!

A hanger to Pedey and he almost comes out of his shoes, fouls it back. Not a good looking swing from DP. 2-2 count, Weaver to 98 pitches with this one.

And then amazingly Gonzo swings at the first pitch, tries to pull it, and taps weakly to second. THAT was a bad at-bat.
But a great inning, made possible by an awful umpiring call on Tek. Thanks, Blue!

Jesus, what a risky play by Gonzo – he fields a hot grounder and fires to third, in the dirt, and Youk digs it out to get the lead runner. A huge play but that was all risk/reward, and the downside was enormous. Yikes.

so, this is why I am not a manager. Buchholz bears down and gets a couple of grounders to end the inning. Huge assist to Youk for digging out Gonzo’s throw. To the bottom of the sixth, 3-2 Sox.

Nice thing about having MLB Extra Innings is I can flip over to the dodgers game after the Sox win and listen to the golden pipes of Vin Scully call the game without a “color analyst”

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