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Happy Battle of Puebla Day: Yanks-Royals Gamer III

I hope you are enjoying your weekend.  I know I am.  Teeball was in the morning, 15lbs of pork shoulder just came out of the smoker after 15 hours for pulled pork tacos for the gerbil family and friends this evening.  Mmm.  Sox lost.  Yes, a good day so far.

Hiroki Kuroda has pitched well his last two times on the mound.  Felipe Paulino is coming off the DL and gets his first start of the season for the Royals.

Comment away.

19 replies on “Happy Battle of Puebla Day: Yanks-Royals Gamer III”

Is everyone good and drunk on something related to our neighbors south of the border???
You know I am!!!!
1-2-3 first for the mighty Yankee offense!!!!
Let’s see if Hiroki-san can match the scrub pitcher from the Royals that I have never heard of…

Well…as expected Hiroki sucks balls.
Hit, after hit, after hit…
VIVA HIROKI!!! I want to Hiroshima his sorry-ass.

Cano, ARod and Tex…$65 million of fucking worthless.
6 up, 6 down…against the mighty Royals.
Let’s all be honest with ourselves. This team is flawed, weak and worthless. There will be no success in the Bronx for YEARS to come.
We are a joke. A $200 million failure.

I just don’t have the words to describe how pathetic we are…
We are about to give up a perfect game to a FUCKING ROYALS PITCHER…no idea who he is, what his name is, doesn’t matter…
We are a FUCKING JOKE!!!!

So basically you are telling me the fucking Ray, O’s and ROYALS are better than us????
Welcome to the 2012 New York Yankees!!!!!

Even Jeter fucking sucks now…
This is pathetic and embarrassing.
I don’t know what else to say? We’re a 4th place, non-playoff team.

Leadoff single…
Fuck this bullshit.
I’m not ruining Cinco de Mayo with this pathetic excuse for a team.
Fuck you Yankees.

Well, it’s better than a 5th place, non-playoff team.
Four more innings…mmmm, Yankees’ll prob’ly explode for some runs at some point here.
Also: “Sox lost.” You’re gonna be happy fairly often this year, gerb.

I always say I’m out…but I never really am.
I am now. After that stupid bullshit.
ARod is a fucking joke. Granderson gunned at 3rd with 1 out trying to tag. What are you fucking idiots, a bunch of fucking rookies? Fucking amateurs???
This team is garbage. The “big guns” of ARod, Tex, Cano and Granderson are pathetic. None of these fucking idiots will win another ring. It’s so sad. Sad that I waste my fucking time and money for this fucking team of losers.
I’m fucking done.

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