Happy and Peppy and Bursting with Love?

Bostonians channeling Felix Unger? Gold-Medal Poster JCL put the following up in the comments section of the previous thread, but the thought here is that it deserves its own space.—YF

From the “Weird but True” section of today’s Post: “Beantown has a surefire way to make driving a more pleasant experience – happy faces. Officials in Boston just approved special license plates with the famous ‘smiley face’ design to help ‘eliminate road rage for all time.'”

No word yet on the availability of “Fire Terry” and “F*ck Grady,” plates.

Also, reports that YES and NESN will merge. Would they become NYESN? NYET? Are we looking, down the line, at one team, the YANKSOX? Where would they play? Hartford? Providence? How about Co-GMs? Cashstein? The mind boggles….

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