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“He Just Missed It”

— Joe Torre, Executive of Baseball Operations for MLB, on the reviewed and improperly interpreted home-run call last night.

Yes, the Yankees went on to lose by one run and yes, Joe G. should have protested.  However, the replay delay may have helped Bartolo Colon and the Yankees not lose by five or six, because Colon was getting _CRUSHED_ prior to the delay for the review.

Some people may argue what is the point of replay if it proves to be as pointless and time consuming as it proved to be last night.  I am kind of *meh* about the blown call and just hope Colon isn’t becoming fatigued.  Perhaps this is unfair to him, but it always feels like he’s in the game on borrowed time.  Then again, aren’t we all…

Just kidding, screw that metaphysical crap.  Back with a gamer later.

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I have never ever ever seen Mariano even close to as angry as he was last night after that call. Interesting that he got that way when someone else was on the mound and not in the 1,000+ games in which he has appeared.

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