He Should Stay

Phil Hughes last night: 5 innings. 6 hits. 3 runs. 1 walk. 9 ks. 1 win. This man belongs in the majors, ideally as a starter. The Yanks need to figure it out. It may not always be pretty this year. But it’ll pay off down the road. Aces are built.

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I agree, though who’s going to get the short straw? The only one that is even a possibility is Joba, but ya, I would love for him to get some innings as a 22 (or so)..

I agree – he has been solid aside from that one outing in Baltimore. It’s a pickle though, because if Wang is back and can perform at 85-90% of his true level, he is the more valuable starter. Given the lack of room for error in teh East this year, it’s a very tough call. And I think it could benefit Hughes to work on a change in the minors, but yeah, IMO he has shown he is a serviceable major league at this point (and age age 22 still a very good bet to improve).

Agreed, but I’d love to see him in the pen. He shouldn’t pitch more than 150 innings this year any ways. Stick him in the pen until they need a spot start. At this point getting out MLB hitters requires facing MLB hitters. He has nothing left to prove in the minors.
And for the record, I think the Sox are making the same mistake with Buchholz. Signing Penny was a mistake.

Hughes does not throw a changeup. He is not going to throw a changeup. He throws a cutter instead, that he has faith in.

I guess it depends on Wang…does he still completely suck? Hughes only partial sucks while Wang completely sucks. Hmm…
I wouldn’t mind putting Hughes in the bullpen for this year?

And he allowed a 1.014 OPS to lefties. Might be time to shake things up a bit.

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