He Shoulda Labeled Him “Cheapskate”

A. J. Pierzynski…offered $100 to any of his new White Sox teammates that hit a home run off Brett Tomko.   Tomko, along with several other San Francisco players, labeled Pierzynski a clubhouse “cancer” last season, after the catcher joined the Giants as a free agent.

Pierzynski, obviously not working too hard to shed the whole "cancer" tag.  Handing off a C-note to the young, lowly, major league-minimum-making Joe Borchard after the game seems just a tad on the cheap side.  Why not just give him a pat on the back, AJ?  Back in the early 90s I made 100 bucks for eating an entire bottle of ketchup, straight, in 1/2 hour (I was jobless and just out of college, for perspective). You can be damn sure I would have asked for a hell of a lot more than a hunny if I had been required to hit a situational home run off a major league pitcher.

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  • Clearly, for old A.J., it’s all about da Benjaminz, SF…

    Spidey March 8, 2005, 7:29 pm

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