“Help Is On The Way”

The question is, just how much? Kevin Brown, reporting for duty this evening, but will he be the Brown of old, or just Old Kevin Brown. Will Stein get his Unit (seems unlikely)? McGriff? Olerud? Anyone out there interested in Jose?

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  • Vintage Kevin Brown last night. But take it from a Sox fan who’s been stranded in Dodger Land for the last eight years: there are two sides to the coin where the phrase “vintage Kevin Brown” is concerned. One you saw last night; the other is the injury he will suffer in the next two to three starts, if not sooner. Olerud would be a nice pick-up, but he doesn’t solve Torre’s starting rotation issues. Hey, you know what you guys need? Derek Lowe. If any player were uniquely suited for the mental pressure cooker that is 161st Street in August…

    MJL (SF) July 31, 2004, 10:36 am