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Here We Go Again: Yanks-Sox Gamer

Joba Chamberlain was quite awful last weekend in Seattle. He’s on the mound in Fenway the Bronx tonight, while the Bombers will try and get to the remarkable Jon Lester. The Sox have won his last seven starts and he’s recorded four wins in a row. The last time he faced the Bombers, he held them to one run over seven innings.

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Jeter SS
Damon LF
Teixeira 1B
Rodriguez 3B
Matsui DH
Posada C
Cano 2B
Swisher RF
Cabrera CF
Ellsbury CF
Pedroia 2B
Martinez 1B
Youkilis 3B
Ortiz DH
Bay LF
Drew RF
Varitek C
Gonzalez SS

My 4th grade son’s grammar homework was punctuation today and I swear to you that one of the sentences was, “The Yankees won”. I tried to convince him that a question mark belonged at the end but he refused…

Smart kid RBF!!! TIme to “mellow out” before the game…there will be SF’s in here tonight that aren’t used to me…

So if the Yankees sweep the Sox while the Rangers get swept then both the Yankees and Sox will clinch their respective playoff positions on the same field against each other on Sunday.
About as likely as a 1-2-3 inning for Joba. Or a 4-4 night for the guy wearing the hockey jersey for the sox…

I just want the Sox to win one game this weekend…this one is the pitching match-up we should win…even with Tek in the lineup.

VMart on a 23 game hitting streak…wow. I’ve been hitting my bong for 23 games straight, at least…

AROD COMES THROUGH!!!! RBI SINGLE!!!! 1-0 good guys…great job ARod. Kate will reward you.

The word has gotten out that you can run on Varitek at will, even with a lefty on the hill. Now 103 SB (just 15 caught – 12%) against him this year in 104 games.
The best part is Martinez is no better.
Somehow I think Scioscia is watching and laughing wildly.

The Red Sox look like a team the Angels should murder. What’s going to be the excuse for Awesomest Manager Ever when he fails this time?
Interesting play by Swisher.

This is interesting, Cano, an awful basestealer, against Varitek, a guy with a granny arm. Joe should send him.

Oh, man. I think this just assures that Varitek doesn’t start in the postseason. Humongous liability.

joba leads the league in HBP’s, and is 4th in BB’s. how has he racked up those numbers pitching in abbreviated outings?

Because he inflicted a tremendous amount of damage in a short time Rod…with his suckitude.

future sox catcher joe mauer hears you all talkin bad on tek and doesn’t appreciate it. joe thinks you all don’t appreciate a good game caller as much as you should.

I heard a stat today that gave Varitek something like a .156/.252/.238 line since the all-star break. He doesn’t even belong on a postseason roster.
I don’t know if Joba is better, or the Red Sox have given up. It looks a lot like the latter.

Um…I think you have that backwards Rod. Joe will be wearing Pinstripes my hard-rocking amigo! Kinda like Tex… ;)

Rod –
He’s amazing tonight – really on fire. If I were at the game, I’d hold up a PERFECT GAME sign for the guy.

I think Andrew meant turning point as in getting on a roll going into the playoffs…*
*WAY too soon to say that by the way.

Lester is not sharp tonight, but you can see why everyone loves this kid. He’s so sound mechanically and attacks the whole plate.

Is anybody warming for the Sox? Lester is one more bad pitch away from this becoming a blowout. He’s fortunate to only be down 3.

just read an interesting article over at that tito is running a rope-a-dope strategy in tonites game. give the yanks confidence in joba and not showcase any of lesters good stuff. that tito is always one up-ing somebody.

Lester’s got nothing tonight. Figure his first really bad game in months would come against the Yankees.

Truly enjoying this one. So far. Honestly did not know Varitek’s arm had deteriorated this extremely. The only thing I care about is how does Joba do and so far je couldn’t look better.
Holy smoke that hit Lester hard. That just sucks. Hope he is ok.

Yankee fans giving him a hand…that’s cool.
He limping off…no help. That sounded horrible when it hit him…

Oh good, he can walk. I’m guessing Lester skips his next start, although I think Beckett gets Game 1 back.
Really hope he’s okay.

Love that clip of Lester’s no-hitter. I couldn’t help but smile. I don’t know if he’s my favorite non-Yankee, but he’s on the list.

IH, he never really had a good arm — threw out maybe 20% but at least enough to keep runners honest. It has been even worse than usual this year.

The 23: enough of the snarky one-liners attempting to goad SFs. They may have just lost their ace for the playoffs which just sucks for any team.

Anyway, back to the game…need more runs here…Joba has been known to completely fall apart at any moment for no reason.

Phew, thought that was a tailor-made doubleplay.
Anyone going to watch the season premiere of Dollhouse tonight?

Is it crazy that I am hating thinking about Joba sitting all this time? That this lead may not be big enough for him?

Yeah Ethan – I just never saw it this bad. Cano really doesn’t run on anyone. Anyway, bigger issues to wonder about I know. Lester’s got what, 12 days to recuperate and still get some warm-up work in before starting in a game 2? That’s actually a good while if it’s just a bad bruise and not structural.

K, I think the most important part of Joba’s outing is pitching a good 90 pitch game. Him righting himself is more a concern than winning and losing I think. Love to win but this kid needs some confidence and momentum. The wait is huge though, agreed.

Yeah John – though had to skip ALDS. Got 2 tix to Game 6 of the ALCS. Figured – maybe foolishly – that a series vs. Boston or LA would likely go at least 6. By bizarre coincidence I got seats in the exact section and even row as my season pckge.

1-2-HR-3 inning for Joba. Way to bounce back from the long inning!!! Oh, and thanks a lot VMart for ruining the shutout…

This game has a depressing feeling with the Lester injury. Of course I want the Yanks to bury Boston, but I was enjoying it a lot more when they were hitting Lester, making him work, etc. I don’t even know who this guy is.

ok, maybe this is part of the process of dealing with lesters lose but, i still think the sox can get a ring with beckett/dice-k/buchholz. call me crazy.
….and, i think the sox will still win this game.

I gave my presale code to a friend. My buddy has season tix and every playoff game so I’m buying one game each round from him. Which game TBD but looks like game 2 of each.

Awesome John. Hey, I’m sure I’d be on a long list in making this request, but if you know where I can get tix for G2 of the ALCS without having to sell a kidney, let me know.

And here comes Bowden. I just can’t make myself give a damn about this game when the Sox are so obviously throwing it.

Well, enjoy the win since the Sox have basically conceded the game. It would take a really epic Joba-meltdown to blow this one.

You guys have had a rough night Ethan so it is perhaps understandable that you keep saying the Sox aren’t trying, but they were trying pretty hard with their ace on the mound and still getting pounded. When he got hurt they were down by 3, bases were loaded and his pitch-count was already throuh the roof.
But I do hope he is healthy for you guys in Oct.

Very tiresome banter with Jets football player in the booth. Man, this ump is bizarrely inconsistent on pitches at the knees.

Oh, and to be clear — of course I didn’t mean that they aren’t going to try. They are certainly going to try, they are professionals. I just meant that from a manegerial standpoint, Bowden has only really been used when there is no one else or the Sox are being spanked and Francona wants to save the rest of the bullpen (which is the case today, I believe).

This game has the feel of a foregone conclusion. Except it’s not. Please don’t go completely asleep Yank bats.
See if Joba’s got 3-6 more outs in him…

I hear you Ethan…unfortunately for us, Bowden cut through the Yanks like buttah
And now the gnat is on 1st. Grumbles.

Still a great start for Joba…good job brother! 3 run lead with 3 to play, it’s up to the bullpen if the bats can’t wake up again…

A-Rod has been crazy clutch this year with RISP.
Four rather….distracting…spectators in front row behind the right-handed batters…

Hip Hip…RBI!!! 8-3 Ancient-kneed Matsui gets caught between 3rd and home, Hip Hip to 2nd, 2 outs…

Thanks for the sound effects kr!
Horrible base “running” by Matsui. It took him 20 feet to stop and reverse course. It’s like throwing an aircraft carrier into reverse.
The 5-run lead is back and with it the tension in the game returns to wet-noodle status.

Read your aircraft carrier bit to Mrs. Krueg, we are laughing our asses off IH. Nicely done.
And thanks, I’m a man of the people.

Just waking up and I see they’re playing the game on ESPN here (with the YES broadcast!) Woo hoo! Just turned on the tv and Ronan Tynan is singing “God Bless America”, so I guess I’m late but I like the score. Reading the thread it seems that the Yanks had a plan specifically to expose V-Tek’s arm. A-Rod has 3 stolen bases. Wow!

2 more innings and magic number goes to 3 with big nights for Joba and A-Rod.
Twins winning in the 6th, though Butler just cremated a ball into ridiculously deep LF off one Carl Pavano for a 3-run HR to make it a 2-run game. Love how the Twins make it interesting every year.

Yeah Nick – everyone but Hideki has run on Tek. And they jumped on Lester early in the counts. All around a very good game for NY.

I see one of these famous stolen bases against Varitek.
I wonder if he is starts a game in the postseason.

Though to be honest, stealing bases on him at this point with a 5 run lead in the 7th is kind of bush league.

RBI SINGLE FOR TEX!!! 9-3!!! Johnny to 3rd, 2 outs for ARod…
I knew Tek was not as good, but I don’t watch much of the Sox so I had no idea he was this bad?

For some reason Delcarmen has become completely incapable of getting the 3rd out. Exact same thing happened to him against KC.

I disagree kr. 5 run lead vs. this offense with 2 innings to go isn’t enough to take the foot off the pedal. Too many bizarre late-game heroics in these games to rest easy. Unless Hideki drives in a few here…

On Varitek, I am a bit shocked that he is this easy to run on. Like Ethan said ealier, he never had a gun, but it now looks Damon-esque. Thing is, they don’t have a particularly strong defensive back-up, at least not that I know of. Martinez is a great player but primarily with the bat.

With the way the bullpen has been pitching, and if we expect to win anything, a 3 run lead should be good enough to win a game…in my humble opinion. With all due respect to my elder. ;)

Game calling ability is one of those things that seems not to be quantified, but basically that has to be the only reason why Varitek would start a game in the postseason.

To quote Bull Durham “This is a very simple game. You throw the ball. You catch the ball. You hit the ball.”
Sadly, Varitek can not really do any of those well any more. He had a slightly promising first half of the year, showing a little bit of power, but recently he has directly cost the Sox games with failures in all 3 of those aspects.

3-run lead? You are a very confident man kr. We’ve got 2 on with Boston’s best hitters up – he’d represent the the tying run right here. And it’s not even the 9th. Keep the pressure on Yanks!!!!!

9-4 lame. Damon bobbles the ball in LF and VMart goes to 3rd. Not cool. This non-chalant bullsh-t needs to end. Now.

Marte coming in…to face Papi…this game is going to be 9-7 withing minutes.
I’m saying if we used the best arms in the bullpen, playoff style…Ace, Hughes, Mo with a 3 run lead should be good enough.

Jason Bay looks like someone famous, but who?
Phil Franchise does what he does. hat fast ball is ridiculous right now.

Not really that weird krueg. I wasn’t kidding about he managerial decisions pointing towards Francona trying to get guys some rest this game.

Twins close to 2 games behind Detroit with another series against them coming up. Keep pushing Detroit to trot Verlander out there until the very last day of the season fellas!!

How inexcusable is it to walk the leadoff man here?!?!?! Lob the ball across the plate if you need to, but don’t walk anyone!

That was an awesome game. Joba was great, offense went off on Lester, bullpen was solid. All-around beauty. Let’s hope CC pitches well tomorrow and we’re in good shape!!!

I got it! He looks like Cameron from Ferris Beullers. I think I remember reading that somewhere here or else where. Anyway, it’s perfect.

Varitek looked bad there too. Ugh.
Very nice DP to close it out. With the rather momentous exception of Lester’s injury, a very satisfying all around game for yfs.

And from the other point of view… damn that was a terrible game. Lester had absolutely nothing even before he got knocked out. Couldn’t find the strike zone and those which did tended to be hangers or down the pipe(like the single to Teixeira and A-Rod’s HR).
I love Varitek in the way a mother still loves her son after he’s been convicted of a felony.
Joba was good but got some lucky breaks — huge squander by the Sox with no out and runners on 2nd and 3rd.
Bowden almost showed something good today before reverting to his normal self.
Delcarmen still can’t pitch.
Hughes is pretty great.

I like the analogy on Varitek Ethan. Incidentally, weren’t the late-game pile-on runs scored after Bowden left and not before?

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