Here’s a fun proposal: Eliminate

Here’s a fun proposal: Eliminate the voting. use sabermetrics to determine all awards, to use win-shares, ops, all that mathematical Jamesian crap to determine who is the best, and therefore who is “valuable”. Shouldn’t be so hard to do, with all the data collection that goes on. That would make any debate obsolete, would objectify the results, there’d be no need for any of this confusion. As an aside, it’s odd that you cite sabermetrics in your justification of the choice of A-Rod as MVP, what with your hatred for rotisserie geeks. Of all people, I would think that YF would appreciate the different pressures that players face in different markets, in pennant races vs. meaningless late-season solipsisms (i.e. the Rangers schedule to A-Rod), in the ability of a player to win 6 games with walk-off home runs a la Tejada last year vs. the ability to hit countless stat-padding third inning jacks. Your distillation of the meaning of the MVP to mean simply the best player is curious, disappointing.

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