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Here’s a good pair of

Here’s a good pair of quotes, and they likely articulate the tiny amount of brain matter Gossage is working with, if you can recognize the contradictions inherent in the statements. First he says this: “Manny Ramirez is a (coward). I hope he reads that,” Gossage said Monday. “If he pulled that stuff in the old days, he would’ve gotten back in the box and I guarantee you he would’ve had the next pitch in his earlobe. and then, about Martinez, two sentences later: “That skinny little (expletive),” the Goose said loudly. “There’s no question he threw right at Garcia’s head. That’s totally gutless.” So what is it, Goose? It’s ok for you to (hypothetically, that is, though I am not sure that Gossage knows what that word means) throw at Ramirez’s head, but it’s not ok for Martinez to throw at Garcia? Is it because Pedro is skinny (though I am not sure why Pedro’s body type matters here)? Or is it only ok to chuck at a guy’s head after he acts angry at the pitcher, however unwarranted that anger might be (as per Manny)? My head hurts…

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