Here’s an interesting note from

Here’s an interesting note from today’s Globe. If Little “isn’t sure he wants the job”, then they ought to move on now. Can’t hear the tone, but the “that team” comment comes off as petulance. Even if the top brass considered bringing him back, that kind of comment should be justification enough to cut bait. The Sox should be interviewing Willie Randolph (and whoever else seems appropriate or ready) when the Series ends. Little unsure he wants job Sox manager put off by team’s hesitation By Gordon Edes, Globe Staff, 10/23/2003 MIAMI — Faced with the increasing likelihood that he will be fired as Red Sox manager, Grady Little said yesterday that he’s not sure he wants to manage the Red Sox next season. “I’m prepared for the likelihood . . . I’m not sure that I want to manage that team,” Little said by phone from his home in North Carolina.

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