Here’s my take: 1: Pedro

Here’s my take: 1: Pedro was frustrated, and threw one at Garcia’s head with a base open. Then, he compounded that bad decision with the clear threat to the Yankee bench. Finally, he tossed Zimmer to the ground instead of backing away or just warding him off. You have to wonder how the cooler heads on the Sox bench–Nomar, Millar, Varitek–must feel about this total loss of composure by the man they were all relying on so heavily. 2. Garcia’s slide into Walker was dirty. If Walker was hurt, it would have been on Pedro. But that does not excuse Garcia for intentionally trying to injure Walker. That’s a horrendous play to watch. 3. Manny is a hothead and his response was entirely unjustified. Taking the bat out with him toward Clemens was inexcusable. 4. Zimmer had no business leaving the dugout; attacking a player is not excusable. Bernie Williams shouldn’t have to baby sit a 72-year-old coach. 5. Grady claiming that the matchup has been “upgraded from a battle to a war” was stupidly inflammatory. Every other coach and player (Torre, Jeter, Millar) tried to play down the incident and its effect on the rest of series. Moreover, I think your criticism of Torre is totally unjustified. All he did was speak truthfully about Pedro’s headhunting. This year Red Sox pitchers have hit Yankee batters something like 50 times, as opposed to just 20 or so in the other direction. Pedro crossed the line between hardnosed and dirty tonight. In a perfect world, Pedro, Garcia, Manny, and Zimmer would all have long and expensive suspensions. But I hope no one is suspended, especially Pedro, because I don’t want there to be any excuses when this thing is over. 6. Nelson is a hothead, and though the facts are still out, my impression is that he started it. But you have to ask where Fenway security was when this was all going on. And why is a Fenway employee verbally abusing a visiting player?

Posted by YF on 10/12/2003 12:47:02 AM