Here’s one of my new

Here’s one of my new favorite quotes: Posada has caught 29.9 percent of potential base stealers, his highest percentage since 2000. He has 12 passed balls, compared with 7 last season, but he has an explanation. Last weekend in Boston, Posada was charged with three passed balls, two on balls in the dirt and one on a pitch that sailed up and away from him. Posada said he was not counting those. “I know what the legit passed balls are, and right now, I’ve got five,” he said. An open letter to Jorge: Please, Jorge – you’ve improved, for sure, but the passed ball count is lame. Don’t get too cocky just because you throw out more baserunners then you used to and learned how to jump around behind the plate to make it look like you are “involved”. Acting like Benito Santiago doesn’t make you a defensive all-star. I am sure it’s SOOOO hard to handle Clemens, Mussina, and Pettite (my apologies about Wells, however). Get over yourself – you still stink behind the plate.

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