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So due to two business trips, a long-needed extended vacation, and some serious work deadlines, my posting will be, at best, sporadic over the next three weeks. YF will handle the bulk of the work, and here’s hoping he’ll be posting things other than “Derek Jeter’s average just cracked .250” type-missives, though I have no doubts that he will – the site is in good hands.

My wishes during this little break?

1. Healthy returns for Nomar and Trot . The Sox are starting to show their wear the last couple of weeks, though their performance has been beyond admirable to this point.

2. Two nice outings from Derek Lowe. Actually, maybe just one. Let’s not get greedy.

3. If Lowe fails, a new third starter, and a condolence card to Scott Boras for Lowe’s efforts.

4. That someone reminds Terry Francona how good his bullpen is. He’s shown signs of starter-greed as of late. We don’t want a Grady Little redux here.

5. That David Ortiz forgets about being ignored on the All-Star ballot, shakes his slump, and gets back to hitting.

6. Lastly, some dry, sunny weather, so Mrs. SF and I can get some golf in during our vacation.

Go Sox!

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Does Chavez’ broken arm heat up a Kevin Youkilis for Barry Zito conversation between Theo and Beane-o?

Under the Most Ridiculous Column, Nomar and Jeter are 1-2 in AL shortstop all-star balloting.

All-star voting is like reality TV – it’s hard not to be intrigued, but most surely indicates how stupid we all are. VOTE NOMAR!

Responding to SF’s Chavez comment, I would suggest a far more likely scenario would have Miguel Cairo going to Oakland for some minor league talent. He may not walk too much, be Cairo rarely Ks, he’s cheap, and Oakland really only needs to fill that slot for a few weeks. With Wilson starting and Homer Bush for backup, the Yanks may decide he’s expendable.

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