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Hip Hip: Rays-Yanks Gamer

J Posada singled to right, M Teixeira and R Cano scored, N Swisher to third. >TAM 0 NYY 2

I read that on the wire when I took a break from work, having realized I forgot to post a game thread. Comment away.

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OK, now
All of you YFs who have spent the past few months trash talking your elder statesman ex catcher with the naturalized palms……

He caught Bautista?
And JP with 2 hits.
Gonna have trouble keeping up with the gloom and doom, k, especially if Hughes is turning the corner here – He looks like he’s pitching quite a game.

Now if Hughes (finally) has a good game today, and Posada (obviously) has a good game, and ARod comes back — hmmmmm . . . just as I say that, Jennings hits a homer!

Can’t resist contributing this little nugget:
Any comments on the signing by the NYYs of Tanyan, Scott Proctor to a minor league deal today?
His arm must have insisted on an assurance that the Yanks would never hire Joe Torre back in any capacity whatever before it signed the contract….

Catcher collision with Ellsbury – looks like he was out, initially called safe the umps meeting………reverse the call, Tito ejected.
Sucky game either way, Beckett with a stinker.
5-0 M’s
If k was a SF, he’d be dead by now.

Haha, I took my 10-month-old son to this game. Had to bail in the 5th because, you know, he’s a baby and has to go to sleep and such. Nice that they’re back in it as I check the intronet. Wish I’d had a chance to yell some (more) shit back at the clown who was several beers deep in the 1st and yelling “Beeeeeeeckett”.
Makes the run they took back on the “out” at home that much more annoying. I thought Tito throwing the “you’re outta here” sign right back at the ump after he was ejected was hilarious!

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