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Hitting the Skids: Sox-Rays Gamer

Before we get to tonight's gamer, a link to an item from Tony Massarotti, which details David Ortiz' difficulties in procuring his positive test results from 2003. Color us unimpressed with how Ortiz is handling this issue. We know he's got to protect himself (see Bonds, Barry, and the legalisms of which he is wary), but this doesn't smell good. Ortiz needs to rip the band-aid off at some point. Waiting it out only hurts him, despite what he might think.

As for the Sox, well, they smell too. The week started poorly, and it only gets harder. The Sox need to come through tonight, or we could be looking at the 2009 version of a Boston Massacre come Sunday, and a negligible shot at the division. Tonight Brad Penny heads to the hill, and the bullpen needs him to throw quality innings deep into the game.  Fingers are crossed. Hopes are not very high. 

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But you guys got an easy weekend schedule. The Yanks, on the other hand, has to face a team they haven’t beaten in a very long time..

Sox tried to win with just solo shots yesterday — didn’t work too well, though.
Too bad Reddick had to be sent down so they could bring up another pitcher. Wonder how long that’ll last.

You know, i thought the Rays got a steal when they signed Burrell to his contract. I am wrong about almost everything in baseball.

Time for Michael Bowden.
Also, “that ball was catchable”, sayeth the color man on ESPN. The ball dropped 15-20 feet in front of Ellsbury, who broke on the hit. Absolute IDIOT of an announcer.

Ok, if Penny is going to suck then he’s going to suck for as long as possible. Blow this guy’s arm out, Tito. No relief for this shithead tonight – no burning bullpen arms for a lost cause. Make Penny pay with 120-130 pitches, whether it’s four, five, or six innings. He’s a free agent: wreck his next contract, Terry.
I am in a bad mood right now.
But at least I won’t have to watch meaningful baseball after this weekend and subject myself to this nervous crap, such will be the lost hopes for 2009. Way to barf the season away in a week, fellas.

What did you all prefer: the two-run shot to Crawford or the 4-pitch walk to Longoria immediately after?

You know what I prefer, sw? Brad Penny being left in Tampa after tonight’s game on the side of the road on the way to the airport. Blindfolded.

Let’s see: this offense is about one run away from being behind by an insurmountable amount.
Theo should have sold last week, not bought. I said it earlier, but if he wasn’t going to go after Halladay (what the Sox REALLY needed), then he should have been a fucking seller.
(game thread mania disclaimer on all my posts, by the way)

Remember when the media would refer to Penny, Smoltz, and Buchholz as a glut of quality pitching? Oh mercy.

This is the game that tells us how good (or not good) Penny really is. It’s as important a game as he’s thrown this year, probably, against a surging division rival the night after a 13 inning bullpen blowout. And he FAILS to show up.
Well done. Now go away.

SF- it took you till August to figure out how not good Penny is? The Sox should have traded him to the Dodgers for anything they could get at the deadline, even if that was the proverbial bag of balls.

No, sw, I thought they should have sold high on Penny over a month ago. Either Theo got ZERO offers (hard to believe, considering the Sox could afford to pay part of Penny’s salary), or Theo had too high an opinion of Penny. And if the plan was to hold Penny in case of injuries to multiple pitchers (which happened), then why not just trust the guy you wouldn’t trade for anyone (Buck) and slot him in about three or four weeks ago?
Theo made a good move getting Martinez for what he gave up, it was a good move for next year. But it wasn’t the right move for this year. Not at all. It was just what the Sox didn’t need. They needed a STARTER.

That was pitiful. SF, I think they need both – the offense needs to wake up at which point they’d still need a starter, unless Wakefield comes back in some unusually reliable form.

The Sox didn’t need a marginal bat improvement. They either needed a MASSIVE bat improvement or a MASSIVE pitching improvement. A marginal starter would have been debatable, and V-Mart is the batting equivalent. At least for this season. I like the Martinez move more for next year than for this.
This season is spiraling down the toilet, pretty clearly. We can’t win the games we are supposed to (Oakland, Seattle) and we can’t win the games we need to (last night, sitting on a platter). I honestly won’t be surprised if the Sox are several games back this time next week. It will probably be 2.5 going into tomorrow, and if game one against the Yanks goes badly then all bets are off. Third place and sinking like a stone.

Why was Reddick sent down? I just waived, yes waived we have real waivers, Craig Counsell and he clears 8 am tomorrow. I’ve never seen him play but from what I’ve read he has a legit bat! Any input?

Less than 60 games until we no longer have to watch Jason Varitek throw dribblers to second.

Actually stuck watching the Sox on ESPN because my wife is taping True Blood on Tivo. YES is a box channel as is HBO so I’m screwed until 9. Anyway, SF what’s your opinion on Reddick?

John, I have no opinion on Reddick. He’s a nice prospect, but I honestly don’t know much about him beyond the minor hype.

Part of me expects ESPN to cut away to another game like when a football team is down 40 points, such is the pathetic nature of the Sox offense (and Brad Penny too).

Did Penny really just have a clean 13-pitch inning? Or did I accidentally change the channel to another game?

The clean 13 pitch innings don’t mean as much after you’ve put your team in a big hole. The bullpen thanks him, I guess.

Why did Carl Crawford just decoy on a ball 20 rows back? Was that a douchebag move? Crawford’s a pretty class act, but what was that?
Massive dinger from Victor.

What I need, personally, is a good old-fashioned come from behind surprise win. Either that or an ice cream sundae.
(off to the Bodega!)

Bay’s thrown 90 thru 5. Not sure what Tito can do here, the game is still in reach. I guess Traber is the first guy out of the pen, no matter what.

Perhaps my negativity gutted this game thread. Let’s try a new tactic.
I love unicorns. And teddy bears. Also, clouds are nice.
Go Sox, we can do it!!!

Oh good lord you suck Brad. So much for happy things.
Gas this fuckwad, Tito. Make him throw 9, fuck the pitch count.

What are the odds that error ends up costing Tampa anything? 1 in 10? 1 in 100?

3 straight groundouts after the error. The run scores but how on earth do the Sox have 6 hits in this game?
And why is MDC coming in? How many did he throw yesterday?

More than 20 innings without a crooked number. We’re back to that, I guess.
See, at what point is it not a “slump” but rather “expected”?
Right now, I hate watching this team. Yet still I watch.

Again, why is anyone other than Penny and Traber pitching in the service of a lost cause?

Crap, Gameday says “In Play (Runs)”, and it’s A FUCKING GROUNDOUT.
Worst possible result from that on-screen notification.

2nd and 3rd with 0 out nets 1 run??????
When the Sox are in Tampa, it feels like they’re never going to win again.

2005 run expectancy for 2/3, none out, was 2.03. We get 1.
We suck. We REALLY suck right now. And it isn’t enjoyable.

Oki on. I know it’s only a two run deficit, but Tito seems eager to burn through even more guys tonight chasing a real longshot, instead of saving for the Yankees.
Not sure I get it. The odds are that this makes Oki unavailable tomorrow, and that’s shitty managing. Down two in the eighth on the road against a good team there’s a very slim chance the Sox come back. They should save Oki for tomorrow.

Agreed completely, SF. What’s the point in calling up Traber if you’re not going to use him to save guys for the Yankees?
Actually, Francona probably realizes he needs Traber to be the long man when Smoltz gets knocked out in an 8-run first inning tomorrow.

Actually, Francona probably realizes he needs Traber to be the long man when Smoltz gets knocked out in an 8-run first inning tomorrow.
I was hoping they’d burn Penny and Traber tonight, and nobody else, and get a re-set. Call back Reddick tomorrow.
Is Bay hurt? We may have Reddick back anyhow.
2006 Redux.

Of course, is Oki holds them, they come back, then Tito’s a genius.
But the odds aren’t in his favor. It’s like a guy making a bad call and getting his card on the river. He won that hand, but he’d lose more often than not.

Massarotti reporting at the Globe: “Bay might have aggravated a hamstring injury; we’ll know more after the game.”
I think that “reporting” means he doesn’t know anything more than we do.

Why not have Drew pinch hit for Lowrie instead and then move Green to SS if they actually score? Either way, it’s pick your poison, but Baldelli’s still got some more pop, right?

Agreed, SF.
And again, the worst part of all this is knowing exactly what’s going to happen and watching and caring anyway. That’s the part that makes me angry, with myself as much as with the Sox.

But you guys got an easy weekend schedule. The Yanks, on the other hand, has to face a team they haven’t beaten in a very long time..
Exactly. This is why I’m not sweating this latest Sox loss.
Cupcake Yankees here we come!

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