House of Jeets Update: A Good Deal For NY?

According to an op-ed in today’s Times by the indepentent economist Andrew Zimbalist, Yankee Stadium II is, indeed, a good deal for the city: “The Yankees are proposing a fair financial deal to the city,” says Dr. Z, who notes the current stadium generates a large annual repair bill. and that while there will be considerable public spending, about 75 percent of the project cost will be borne by the team, and most of the public spending will directly benefit the community. Also, the area gets back more park facilities than it has now, and they’re improved.

We remain skeptical, if not about the costs, than about the design, and the need to replace one of the city’s great public spaces, and destroy one of just 3 active ballparks dating to baseball’s halcyon era. Plus, need we remind, there will be dramatically fewer seats.

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