House Proud?

…a den done in a jungle motif, with zebra-striped pillows…

From the excellent real estate news reporter cum gossip columnist William Neuman comes this story (scroll down a bit to find the pertinent clip), detailing the sale of Keith Hernandez’ Manhattan love nest.  Neuman terms it a "bachelor pad", but we’ll skip the pleasantries and call it what it is, a den of iniquity straight out of "Arthur".  Images of Alfred Molina and his houseboy in "Boogie Nights" abound.

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  • We can only hope some of the contents of said pad makes it to Sotheby’s next baseball memorabilia auction. What, exactly, would that Met fanatic in your life pay for Keith’s mirrored-glass coffee table (you just know he had one of those)? His Bolivian coke spoon? .

    YF March 20, 2005, 1:12 pm

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