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How I Met Your G%#$MNED Right Fielder


Last night we tuned into one of our Monday standbys (we were Ted Mosby before there was a Ted Mosby, weak fictional alma mater notwithstanding) when who saunters in to McLaren's but Nick Swisher, taking a minor star turn. Swisher was pretty likable, we have to admit. Hopefully next year the cast gets the jealous willies when JD Drew comes in for a tipple.

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That was great…I knew he was going to be on an episode but completely forgot until he strolled into the bar. Nice work Swish…just like Game 3 of the WS!!!

“weak fictional alma mater notwithstanding”
face it, Wesleyan is ubiquitous in the entertainment (sports, music and tv) culture while Williams…not so much.
This and Mad Men and New England sports success and PC University and MGMT and Das Racists (I think that’s their name) and all Williams has to offer: Hal Steinbrenner.
This is supposed to mimic the Orson Wells scene from Third Man.

Uh, Hal’s dad (what is his name again?) went to Williams (not that this makes me too proud, he is a pardoned felon).
Also, the guys from Fountains of Wayne, Hendrik Hertzberg, Mika Brzezinski, and the founders of Blu-dot. Plus about every museum director around. Culture vs. Pop Culture?

I think Joss Whedon of Buffy Vampire creator fame is a Wes alum. Plus, pretty sure I hung out with Alf of “Alf”, the tv show fame, for most of sophomore year. Yeah, that year was a blur.

Gee, where was I for this Wes vs. Williams discussion?
Lets not forget famous Wes Alums Michael Bay, Sebastian Junger, and there was also the coach of some mildly successful NFL team from New England too….

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