How Soon Is Joba?

The Yanks had to bring in a middle reliever before the fifth inning again. In turn, this reliever is going to probably have problems not giving up runs and the game is going to get even more out of hand. Even if he does a good job, the long-term effect of continually having to bring in pitchers like him will be bad. Think the Mets of last September.

For all the talk of how perfect Joba is as the set-up man this season, his greatest value may be in stabilizing this starting rotation. The Yanks need more quality pitched innings in order to using up the pitchers on their staff. They also need better pitched games. Duh.

Joba needs to start, and he needs to start soon.

Or we can all go to our Aaron Small shrines, and watch as the Yanks sign Andy Hawkins–luring him from retirement–and hope for the best.

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  • yes…please start him, PLEASE put him in the rotation…PLEASE GOD DO IT
    redsox nation
    I have seen Joba pitch hsi ENTIRE highschool, at the college level, and I have learned a few things. Joba holds back a lot when he is starting, as a reliever he doesn’t hold back, he knows he has 1 maybe 2 innings at most he will go all out. he was a so so starter, but he was a spot on reliver. go ahead, start him, as a redsox fan I would LOVE ot get to the yankees middle relief if Joba is gone, you once again will have that gap from starter to mo…and that is were the runs will come in late in the season with tired arms and bad management.

    TheTree1918 April 19, 2008, 9:29 pm
  • I dunno TheTree. An 1-3 Starter is more valuable than a setup man, and I for one think Joba will be an Ace (not right away but in time.. I do think he’ll be a no 3 right off the bat). I like him in the setup role (in terms of benifit for the Sox) especially if (and its a big if) Hughes and Kennedy continue to struggle

    Dionysus April 19, 2008, 9:43 pm
  • PAPI!!!! TIE GAME!!!!

    Dionysus April 19, 2008, 9:50 pm
  • Ya know, joba was a decent starter, he could be a 4-5 starter, and maybe a 3 in the end.
    but as ti happens for the redsox I think a good starter-mid-close is nice
    Delcarmen(if needed)
    basically if a starter can get a quality start, you can have a solid close. that IMO is much more important than a semi decent starter. you can buy a starter, you can;t buy the kind of mid relief joba has.
    but I will say this.
    he has showed that he learns well, he made some great strides as a yankee, and with major league coaching talent, even the yankees pitching staff, they could groom him to be a solid starter I am sure. he has the talent, you can coach the rest. but you can;t coach talent INTO a kid. they either have it or they don’t

    TheTree1918 April 19, 2008, 9:59 pm
  • Tree, I realize you have direct observation to rely upon, but 15 hits and 7 walks in 30.3 innings in the bigs in the regular season?
    Wait, what’s your point?

    attackgerbil April 20, 2008, 3:49 am
  • ..and one earned run…

    attackgerbil April 20, 2008, 3:53 am

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