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Hurting: Sox-A’s Gamer I

Jed Lowrie to the DL, the first casualty of the 2009 season, and the Sox travel to Oaktown.  Comment here!

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If Lowrie goes down for a long period of time, and Lugo remains injured/shitty, I could see the Sox trading for somebody. Not sure who, but I doubt they’ll put up with a full season of Green.
Youk homers! And before I can even hit post, Drew singles to left.

Well, at least it explains why Lowrie was so dreadfully awful this week. I wondered when he said he hadn’t done surgery on the wrist whether that had been the wise move.

Seriously, Steve Phillips just said on the ESPN postgame show, “The Mets’ bullpen is going to be key down the stretch”. I mean, IT’S APRIL.

It’s been lagging horribly for me SF, so don’t feel bad. Also, you can now change what feed you get for each game, so you can always listen to NESN even during road games.

Double play from Lowell kills that inning. I hate to say it, but I’d rather sacrifice the defense and have Carter at first with Youkilis at third. Lowell just hasn’t shown anything.

bobby crosby wants out of oakland. so ….he’s available.
I’d rather have an injured Lugo out there.

That strike 3 to Davis was looking pretty good, right on the inside corner. Please more of that Lester?

Holy shit Paul, you weren’t joking.
Five Yankees pitchers tonight, and Swisher is the only one to not give up a run.

Hey, remember when the Sox were supposed to be the best team in 2009? Ahhh, those were the days.

Teams worst than the Red Sox right now:
Indians (1-5)
Nationals (0-7)
Astros (1-6)
Giants (2-5)

They didn’t take him out of the game RBF, but he hurt his left wrist diving for Giambi’s double. The trainer massaged it and taped it up, but Bay was grimacing in pain.
Might be nothing, but with our luck it’ll put him on the DL.

I’m listening to the Oakland station since it’s local and before the game, they introduced Terry Francona as the “former Oakland bench coach”. I bet he doesn’t hear that too often.

What’s with all the doom and gloom? It’s the seventh game of the season. Meaningless June? Come on. Methinks you Sox fans need Jason Bay to pitch an inning for you.

If it makes you feel any better Andrew, we’re not terribly happy to see the Yankees lose 15-5 today.
Ortiz showing off his WTP: Warning Track Power.

Lester with a quick inning. He’s been pretty damn good for the last 4 innings, hopefully a sign of how he’ll pitch for the rest of the season.
Let the record show that I’m giving up on this game again.

Despite a single from Bay, I have still given up on this game. There’s no way Lowell/Green/Varitek can do anything here.

Carter tries very hard to put the ball into outer space, but ends up with a backwards K.
Now I must really give up on this game. Alarm going off in 5 hours. Night all.

The Sox and Yankees are now fighting for last place in the division, while Baltimore and Toronto are competing for first place.
Welcome to the Bizarro AL East.

On the bright side, the Sox have faced the Angels and the Rays each three times, whereas the Yanks have faced the Royals and the Orioles… But obviously I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel here for something positive.

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