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I Don’t Know What This Means

The Boston Red Sox' record against all teams but the Yankees: 17-16 

The New York Yankees' record against all teams but the Red Sox: 20-12

8 replies on “I Don’t Know What This Means”

It means the Yankees are sucky choke-artists. Their pythag W-L record is 17-20.

If they’re so outperforming their pythag, surely it means the opposite of “choking.”

Yeah Mark, that statement was tongue-in-cheek considering the walk-off weekend they just had ;-)

It suggests the Sox may be in trouble, since Boston has a lot more games against teams that are not named the Yankees than ones that are.

I think Hudson is right, but I will add, just for argument’s sake, that if the Sox go 18-0 against the Yankees and .500 against everyone else, they’d still be 90-win team.

I say it means absolutely nothing. Statistical noise. The Red Sox are likely to do better against non-Yankee teams in the future and worse against the Yankees.

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