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“I Hate the Red Sox”

Say what you really think, Russell.

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If I were the Yankees I’d rather see the Red Sox in the postseason than the Rays, who have a much healthier (and better overall) rotation. Having said that, I like seeing players in this rivalry talking about how much they hate the other team. Show some emotion, endear the fans to you.

I am shocked! A Yankee player hates a Red Sox player? ;)
As for who we do or don’t get, I don’t care. Each team has warts, as do the Yankees. The Rays bullpen and offense after the top 4-5 shouldn’t scare many. The Sox always scare me, healthy, unhealthy, bad stretch or hot streak. The team that I’d most like to see eliminated is the Angels. Just too much pitching. Either way though you have to beat the teams you face regardless and I am just thrilled that this Yankee team has done as well as it has.

“I like seeing players in this rivalry talking about how much they hate the other team. Show some emotion, endear the fans to you.”
Agreed. Although I find it kind of funny coming from Russell Martin. Not only is he very new to the rivalry, but he also just doesn’t strike you as the type to have muhc of a chip on his shoulder about anything. Joba? Sure.
As for who they get, the only time these teams would meet after Sunday is in the ALCS, which the Yankees are not at all a shoo-in to rach themselves, especially given their starting rotation. If the Yankees do advance, then I kind of assume that whoever their opponent will be will likely – by that time – be playing some of their best baseball. Do I want the Sox at their best or the Rays at their best? I’d say the Rays. But ultimately, like John, I just don’t care. I think the pick-a-team-you-want thing kind of blows up in your face more often than not.

I am going to tell you what’s going to happen. Mark my words: The Red Sox are going to go on a tear! Red hot, can’t be stopped and it will all be due to Russell Martin’s comments waking up the sleeping giant. Watch!

The Sox were historically bad for a month, then they were the best team in baseball for 3 months, now they’ve been historically bad for 3 weeks. It is very possible that in the next 8 days they turn the corner again and go on a ridiculous tear in October. If Bedard and Buchholz cannot come back and pitch well, and if Lester and Beckett are only as good as they’ve been these past three weeks, then they remain screwed, for sure. But 2004 is too fresh in my mind, which is to say two things:
1. The Sox are a team I won’t count out until they are truly dead and buried; and
2. I’d like it if the Sox (re)claimed the mantle of most recent “historic collapse” between our two teams.

It’s up to us and after last night’s fiasco…
I’m not going to lose it until I see what happens tonight. The only problem is that my best friend is graduating tonight so I won’t be able to see the game.

We’re on the same page today, IH. It’s like “Why is RUSSELL MARTIN talking?”. If we’re lucky he’s gone after next year or he’s the backup catcher. Instead, Cashman will hold onto him for three or four years (see also, Joe Girardi and John Flaherty) while Montero will get 300 – 400 ABs in stead of 600 to 700.

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