I absolutely don’t agree that

I absolutely don’t agree that there is always some kind of universal consensus on whom the best player is (is there always consensus on the Cy?), but even if there were, why should that clarity preclude using POTY criteria for the MVP? The award should not be programmed to force debate, but to reward a player for extraordinary accomplishment on the field. It seems patently wrong and unfair to me that the best player doesn’t get their due recognition at the year’s end–and this does in fact matter in a sport built on history. Even if the BBWAA laid down some criteria to the effect that the MVP should be awarded to the player most valuable to their own team, it’s hard to imagine that you’d end up with anything less muddled than what you have now, as the whole idea of this kind of comparison is, to my mind, impossible. If it’s necessary to have this award, I would make it a separate, secondary prize, like “Comeback Player of the Year.”

Posted by YF on 8/18/2003 06:06:48 PM