I am WAY ahead of

I am WAY ahead of myself on the Pedro thing, let’s get that one straight. Look, one can ruminate ’til the cows come home about the Boone trade, and theoretically, yes, the Yankees would be better off with someone like Claussen in their farm system. But let’s look further, at the real crux of the matter here: the Yankees farm system is so weak, so gutted now that they don’t have another Claussen they could have offered for Schilling. Second, denying Boone’s accomplishment and making an assumption that Ventura would have had the Yankees in the Series as well is a violation of the law of the presumed result – it’s Monday morning quarterbacking at it’s worst. Boone hit the single defining hit of that series, and for that this whole discussion of “they shouldn’t have traded Claussen” is rendered moot. It’s a fairer line of debate to wonder why there is nobody left in the entire Yankees minor league system worth a dime to the Diamondbacks. Another equally bad scenario is that Cashman is pretty much asleep at the wheel. Time will tell on that one – there is still a ton of time left in the market. As for your intimations of collusion, I think your suspicions are reasonable, but let’s wait until December 7th, when signing free agents no longer requires compensation of first round draft picks – the action after that date will tell a bigger story. Have a great Thanksgiving – I am off to Arizona for some golf and advice, if Theo needs me to stop by Curt’s house.