I didn’t say anything about

I didn’t say anything about the Red Sox – I would have to look around to see what they have. I was asking your thoughts on the Yankees. They always temper criticism of massive spending (aka “buying a winner”) with how great their homegrown talent is. It seems that, what with an aging team (moreso than in the past), this avenue of discussion could be interesting. Don’t be so defensive. If you want to get me to try to defend the Red Sox for homegrown talent, I am not going to take the bait. The Red Sox have some pretty big issues come 2005, their farm system has been very dry the last few years, and other than Trot (drafted like 10 years ago!) and Nomar, they don’t really have ANY homegrowners (you are incorrect to note that Varitek is a native Sox draftee or signing) – they’ve just done a pretty decent job at buying the right players and trading homegrown talent for stars (Pavano and Armas Jr. for Pedro, Sanchez for Suppan, etc.). Incidentally, Varitek and Lowe were acquired in one specific deal from the Mariners, for Heathcliff Slocumb – one of the best deadline deals ever pulled off – neither are homegrown. As for the future, Theo has overhauled their ML system, re-focussed their scouts, and is following in Beane’s steps – we’ll see how well it works, but the Red Sox will have issues come ’05 (Pedro, Nomar, Varitek, Lowe all up for contracts). That’s a different, though pertinent, discussion. Unlike the Yankees, they will have to pick one, maybe two players in that group to keep and hope that their draft picks and lesser signees have worked out well. My guess is that the Yankees can go out in 2005 and buy whichever three top players they want, maybe more.