Friday Post-Mortem

I didn’t see tonight’s game, but having seen Contreras pitch several times, it’s interesting to listen to the YES boys, on their postgame show, attempt to deconstruct what was apparently a horrible performance. They are speculating that he’s tipping pitches, that he’s got a problem with confusion, they can’t understand why he can’t mow down batter after batter. The best was Mike Kay wondering aloud how after a brilliant first inning Contreras couldn’t have just done it for 7 (now there’s an intellect for you). Hey, guys, maybe Contreras isn’t all that good. Maybe he has great “stuff” but no ability at all to harness it. Maybe he’s just not that hot a pitcher. There are plenty of guys who have had insane stuff who haven’t excelled. The Yankees broadcasting crew ought to level with themselves – it’s about time they questioned whether or not Contreras is really capable of being a starter or if he would be better as a reliever, whether he even has Major League makeup or not at this point. Instead, they continue to wonder why he can’t throw gems every time out, just because his splitter is occasionally nasty. He’s shown no ability to do that at all, so why do they expect it? Who’s to say that he doesn’t need seasoning, that his great stuff doesn’t need the same training that some 18 year old fireballers get in the minors?

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  • Jose doesn’t have any confidence in anything but his fastball and that kills him. He’s not good enough to be a one-trick pony.

    BuckyBleepinDent April 24, 2004, 2:14 am