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I fled to western Massachusetts

I fled to western Massachusetts as well, near Northampton. Luckily I was pretty much out of range of Red Sox broadcasts, though I was able to see Jack Cust’s pathetic attempt at running home against the Yankees on Saturday. I am not giving up on the Sox, but they make it very hard to root for them – they play poorly, exhibit no intensity at the most important times. You at least want to feel like your team is dying trying, but the Red Sox, with errors aplenty, looking at third strikes with big men in scoring position, well, that seems like little league-class stuff. Theo has to be exasperated – he puts all the players on the table, he works his ASS off to placate the players’ latent need to feel like the front office is doing “everything they can” to put the best team out there, and they play flat. It’s just inexcusable. I am once again tempted to say off with Grady’s head, but that isn’t the solution. It looks like I will be once again rooting for the Yankees to be embarrassed in the playoffs again – not exactly my first choice for the way I like to watch ball. As for Nomar for MVP – huh? I mean, I love Nomar and all, but Pedro is STILL the Sox’ most valuable player, and Varitek is a really close second, nipping at Petey’s heels.

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