I guess my issue is

I guess my issue is that saying something like “he looks ordinary at the moment” is basically a tautology. I can’t really tell you that you are wrong, but on the other hand your statement is, tonally, a leading statement that you can always defend by literal reading. I mean, Ramiro Mendoza looked like Kevin Brown three weeks ago, but if I had said “Ramiro Mendoza looks like Kevin Brown at the moment” in the same semantic context that you wrote your entry I would have been totally truthful but also a bit intellectually dishonest with myself, since I know he’s nothing like Kevin Brown. Saying Zito “looks ordinary at the moment” after having stated that the A’s don’t intimidate is clearly you saying that Zito was not only not that good Saturday, but he isn’t much to worry about at all. In the spirit of your statement, I could claim that “Mariano looks horrible at the moment – two guys faced and two hard hits, including a blown save” or that “Benitez has been better lately than Mariano”. You can’t argue with me, I told factual truths, but it’s a passive aggressive comment, not a real wise piece of analysis.