I have to say, the

I have to say, the Red Sox don’t inspire at this point. Losing 5 of 7 to the Orioles, going out to California and scoring exactly ZERO runs for Pedro last night in a huge game (albeit against Hudson) is simply pathetic, unfocussed stuff. It’s on the players to perform – Theo has done his job. With regards to the manager, and as much as I think Grady Little is nothing special (he’s no John McNamara – my most hated, for sure, but he’s no Dusty Baker, either), it’s not in his hands, and he certainly can’t be expected to get any baseknocks. My prediction: unless the Sox make the playoffs and advance at least one series, Grady is gone. And God knows what happens if they go 1-6 or worse on this trip west (NOT an option from my standpoint and I trust theirs, but with the way they are playing who knows) – he could be gone by August 20th. Tonight the real John Burkett shows up, I fear…

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