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I hope you were listening

I hope you were listening to Stirling describe how “great a tribute it [was] to Pettitte” that Torre even ALLOWED him to start the 9th today. I know Mariano is great, but hadn’t Pettitte only given up one hit, thrown around 110 pitches? A better, more astute assertion by Stirling would have been to question why Torre pulled him immediately after the walk… Lead is back to 3.5, but the A’s are getting scary. Looks more and more like we gotta root for the Mariners to skid hard- I am not sure both teams from the east get in unless Seattle helps out. Lastly, Jeter is not “good” with the glove, he’s actually not even “average”. If Garciaparra got to the same number of balls, made the same number of plays, and I was claiming he was a “good” fielder, I would be hugely mistaken – it would qualify him, hypothetically, as one of the poorer shortstops in the league. You are obvioulsly blinded by the glitter off of Derek’s championship rings. p.s. I guess by applying your standards for Jeter to radio broadcasters Stirling qualifies as a “good” announcer?

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