I questioned your boosterism w/r/t

I questioned your boosterism w/r/t Johnson earlier this season, but after watching him these last couple weeks I have to say the guy can flat out hit – you were right. He looks like a machine, actually. The questions are: is he so slow or weak defensively that they can’t make him an outfielder? Is he better than Giambi with the glove or similarly mediocre (or worse?). Is he going to turn out to be Edgar Martinez from the left side? That would be such a shame, from a purist’s standpoint. (I hate the DH) I guess the Sox swoon could be a normal up/down thing, but it seems like the last few Augusts have been down in a major way, and I fear the same kind of easy out for the rest of the year – it’s not that hard to win 93 games and make the season look marginally successful when the last 15-20 games are played with zero pressure against the sad sacks of the division. I am not saying it is going to happen, but it wouldn’t surprise me to see the Red Sox 5 back of the Wild Card race relatively soon (what the Yankees do I have no idea), so then they can kind of coast in September, play .600 ball against the scrubs, and end up somewhere around 90-93 wins. Unfortunately, the season will end a total loss. That would make Grady 186-138 over two seasons (not so bad on the surface, right?), though he will have also been the steward of two total failures.

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