I really don’t know how

I really don’t know how Mazzilli leapfrogged Randolph as a candidate for the various managerial openings this year. Does Randolph interview poorly? Is it race? The fact that he has never managed? Has he been passed over so many times that there’s a perception that he’s an also-ran? Clearly, as bench coach, he has become the heir-apparent to Torre, but it’s hard to imagine Torre mandating Randolph as his successor. For one thing Torre’s in no position to make that demand. And the introduction of Mattingly throws a wild card into things: will he leapfrog Randolph? (Joe Girrardi also looms out there as a possible Yankee front-office/YES network hiree with managerial aspirations). Steinbrenner’s history with managers and coaches is so unpredictable as to make any speculation pointless.

Posted by YF on 11/7/2003 12:19:24 PM

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