I think Torre said that

I think Torre said that he went out to argue the home run, but all of the umpires but the one who called it foul told him it was fair, and that was good enough for him. As far as I am concerned, the visuals were pretty damn conclusive, and what the umpires said was pretty darn single-minded, the initial call notwithstanding. This isn’t really a controversial issue. As far as Buck is concerned, I didn’t hear him last night, though if Ed Hillel was the guy in the white shirt with the black hair, interviewed by Fox, who kept insisting it was foul but who was sitting on the fair side of the pole directly behind it, then he deserves the harsh words, that guy was a total Yankee fan putz. Al Leiter seems soooo much better than Bret Boone, and I would say there’s a broadcasting future in retirement for him, without a question.