I think we probably share

I think we probably share the same criteria in choosing a team MVP. (League-wide MVP is something altogether different, IMHO, and should be treated as such.*) As regards Pedro, I think the stats that you have drawn only prove my point that he is not, in fact, the team MVP. Clearly, the Sox have not taken advantage of him nearly as much as they could and should have, and they are still in striking distance (though fading). This in itself is an argument for Nomar or Manny (or Varitek, I guess). Their daily production has been More Valuable than Pedro’s, which has too often been wasted, through no fault of his own. * Why? You’re comparing apples to apples. We can make a reasonable argument about which player is–on the field at least–most valuable to their own team. But taking that comparison and then extending it to other teams, well, all of a sudden you’re comparing apples and oranges, with no datum. Hence my argument for the League MVP being converted to Player of the Year, in principle if not in name.

Posted by YF on 8/18/2003 05:18:53 PM