I think you’re getting ahead

I think you’re getting ahead of yourself on the Pedro front, but your prediction is duly noted for the record. And I’m certainly not on board with your defense of the Boone trade. His tribulations have been well cataloged on this site. Yes, he had the big shot against the Sox, but if he had hit even slightly earlier in that series it might not have been necessary. And his play in the World Series was attrocious. It seems clear to me the Yankees would have been better off to have stuck with Ventura. And if they had they would now have Claussen to move. More importantly, something is amiss this off season–more even than usual. So many moves seem predicated on money–those famously tight team “budgets”–but there’s no transparency about the meaning of these numbers. This problem lands right at Selig’s feet. Who knows what kind of palace intrigue is operating in this trade/free agency market. It’s a joke. Moving back, briefly, to the MVP issue. I don’t wish to just turn things entirely over to Sabermetric analysis. But the salient points that Sabermetric statistics raise in terms of value can’t be ignored. In the end, my philosophy is to take a wholistic look at the candidates, and then choose the best player. Do I give a little extra weight for performance down the stretch? Sure. Clubhouse leadership? Absolutely. But all of that must be balanced with raw production.

Posted by YF on 11/25/2003 09:32:39 PM

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