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I would have to say

I would have to say that our trusted Rules Guru was indeed giving you the needles, and appropriately so. (The implication of your post being that umpires allow lefties to get away with a rules violation). As for whether or not you are “doomed to being annoyed,” i’m afraid the answer to that question is a resounding “yes,” but this can hardly be blamed on the balk rule. But lets move beyond this petty bickering…. As for part 2 of your post, we shall have to await a reply from the Guru himself. I would note, however, that he did answer the question posed, that being, according to the rule book, what constitutes a balk? As for the history of the rule, though I am not an expert [SABR has a committee devoted to early rules], the roots can probably be traced to the 1880s, when the parameters of what constituted legal pitching were first established, including delivery styles, ball/strike count, position of the box (and later rubber and mound).

Posted by YF on 9/3/2003 04:53:13 PM

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