I’d say it’s just chatter.

I’d say it’s just chatter. Does it really make sense? Foulke and Williamson essentially cancel each other out. So what you have is the Red Sox dealing Manny and Nomar for A-Rod and Eckstein. Is that a net gain? A-Rod is an improvement over Nomar at short, but Manny for Eckstein is a massive drop in production. Instead of facing Nomar and Manny back-to-back, pitchers will now just have to deal with A-Rod. Who would fill the left field void? I know Nomar swings at too many first pitches, and I know he had a terrible post-season, and I know his numbers outside Fenway drop. But he is, in the end, a 5-tool player, and he’s the heart of the Sox (well, maybe that’s Varitek). It would be sad to see him leave Boston, and I think Boston fans would come to regret his departure. And frankly, so would Yankee fans: Derek needs his Nomar.

Posted by YF on 12/4/2003 09:41:54 PM

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