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If It Doesn’t Give You A Shiver

It should.

God, I love baseball.

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What an amazing play. Someone on TV said this, but it seems like in every no hitter or perfect game there’s a fantastic defensive play late in the game to preserve it. Buehrle owes Wise a weekend in Vegas.
The only thing that spoiled the day was having to listen to the god-awful White Sox broadcasters. Hearing their main guy scream “YES! YES! YESYESYESYESYES” like a teenager losing his virginity really put a damper on the celebration. It really makes you appreciate Remy and Orsillo. The way they called the Lester and Buchholz no-no’s were classy.

The screaming of the announcers is totally consistent with the way baseball is presented at Chomiskey Park or whatever it is called nowadays. Very loud!
Otherwise I second Gerb’s emotions.

Ya, it was a little crazy. I would’ve preferred something like “And he throws a perfect game!” and then let the crowd do the rest.

Yeah, I watched that clip with my boy three times last night. Truly incredible catch.
RE: broadcasters – Vin Scully wrote the book on how to handle scenarios such as this. If you haven’t yet, you owe it to yourself to listen to the last inning of Koufax’s perfect game vs. the Cubs. Poetic.

Cardinals acquire Holliday. Happy to see him not in New York for 2009, though I’m sure he will be in the off-season.

I don’t see why Holliday in NY was a worry. In fact NY is probably one of the last teams who would be interested in Holliday right now.
It’s rather relaxing to see the Yankees not desperately going after guys at the deadline. Makes these things much more enjoyable. I still expect the Yanks to acquire a starter. I see the Red Sox aren’t really using Michael Bowden…(I kid, I kid).

You never know with the Yankees, Andrew. For the last few years they’ve been making big splashes at the deadline.
It won’t matter in the end, since Holliday will be in right field in 2010. And keep your eyes off Bowden!

Clarification … Announcer, not announcers. That was Ken Harrelson (oft photographed in his nehru jacket when he played for the Red Sox in the last 1960s). Steve Stone was not a participant in the shouting.
Harrelson is an egomaniacal joke. As GM of the White Sox, he virtually destroyed the team. Then he become an awful play-by-play man in the TV booth. Here in Chicago, we thought the decision to put Stone in the TV booth with him would make him better. But he’s even pulled Stoney down. White Sox are unwatchable on TV and unlistenable on the radio (see Farmer, Ed, and Jackson, Darrin.)
And you can put that on the booooard, yes.

Ahhh, sorry for lumping them in together IBM. You know what’s more annoying than the homerun calls? The strikeout calls.
I had never noticed it until I watched yesterday’s replay, where he said it after every K. Like you said, unwatchable.

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