If Trading Deadlines were Postgame Spreads

Someone with knowledge of the eating habits of a member of a major league front office has told this blogger that there is a move to have okra jettisoned from an unnamed team's post-game buffet. A team source, who has knowledge of the buffet, has indicated the team is open to eliminating okra, but has yet to actually offer to eliminate okra. Rather, they gave an unnamed member of the clubhouse staff a list of five vegetables they would be willing to eliminate from the buffet, and okra may or may not have been on the list.  

Our sources, who have knowledge of the food pyramid, tell us this list may include zucchini, marinated cippolini onions, brussels sprouts, carrots (the roasted ones, not the steamed ones), and, surprisingly, garlic mashed potatoes. This list has not been confirmed, and there is still the chance that another club may change the dynamic by offering more in exchange for the apparently unwanted okra.

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Brussels sprouts are totally overrated. Good riddance. You’re an idiot if you like them. But garlic mashed potatoes? If they get rid of those then I’m never eating at this buffet again.
If those mashed potatoes go, then we had better be getting some goddamn lima beans in return. Lima beans have been good since I was 12, and show no signs of decreased deliciousness at this point in time.

the report is bullcrap. last year the team agree to 5-year supply contract with harry’s okra warehouse at $6/LB. Okra is now trading at $2/lb so they’re stuck with it.

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