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If You Want Something Done Right…: Rays-Sox Gamer I

In their last 24 games, the Rays are 20-4. Granted, their opponents during that stretch have often been the Astros, Twins, White Sox, and Blue Jays (they did win a series against the Tigers, too), but it’s still damned impressive.

But the Sox are 9-3 against the Rays on the year, and it’s time for the Rays to visit Fenway for the final time.

Today’s matchup is Moore vs. Workman. Not great odds maybe, but Workman did well against the A’s last time out and the Red Sox were not completely stifled by Moore the one time they faced him this year. Time will tell. Comment away!

2 replies on “If You Want Something Done Right…: Rays-Sox Gamer I”

Workman bringing the decent, Moore bringing the awesome through 3, 1-0 Rays.

Dickfaced fuckfart. Speaking of completely stifled, complete game shutout for Moore. Lose 3-0. FUCK!

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