If George Will wants to

If George Will wants to somehow associate baseball’s rulemaking with liberal politics, maybe he should have started with the Designated Runner or something like that (though even that is a stretch – how is a designated anything “liberal”?) Will should stick to political punditry. On the other hand, he stinks at that too. Another thread for thought: Project a Yankees roster two to three years down the road, circa 2005/6. Jeter, Johnson, Soriano, Giambi…(will Posada still be healthy?) Who else is of decent age, healthy, and homegrown (Drew Henson, ahem?)? I started thinking that the Yankees are going to have to blow out the free agent market over the next two to three seasons. It’s not going to be pretty – the big 3 of Oakland are available ’05 or ’06 I think, Pedro in ’05 as well. What do you think?